Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Fixed lights and a Vimeo link.

Here's the next render, with fixes;

  • The fans that create moving light beams from above and behind have been slowed down considerably to become atmospheric rather that distracting.
  • Fans lights are not as bright.
  • The three point lighting is all fixed; different levels on the Key and Fill, and more Rim light have pulled the character out of the darkness considerably.
See the Vimeo link below for a good video version...

Tweeked lights

Monday, 11 July 2016

Some actual animation!!!

Time to put some life into this...thing.

Below is the Mental Ray look; took three hours and made my lap-top do an impression of a George Foreman grill, and that was without knocking the background out of focus. So I did the Mental Ray movie render (only 80 frames of animation) on some of the Uni machines last week.

Mental Ray rendered version.

Below is a render using software. Still looks pretty good, and I can see the animation but it really lacks the beams of light turning in the background.

Software Version

Nothing fancy, just straight ahead animation and I have not played with the curves via the graph editor yet.

Looking at the lighting in the Mental Ray version the beams are more distracting than expected so I am going to slow them down a lot and make them less visible.

More soon, including the guy with the big hands!!