Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jabberwocky in Stop Motion at Staffordshire University Stop Motion Animation & Puppet Making degree course.

These are some stills from the student short film version of Jabberwocky; currently being filmed by the level 5 Stop motion Animation students.

The trench was built in forced perspective to create depth. The. Trench is only a couple of feet deep, but looks much longer.

This is the young soldier who is the hero. The Vorple sword is now a rifle with a bayonet fixed to the end.

The no-mans-land set starts off as an eerie white, in stark contrast to the muddy look of the trench scenes.
I decided to make the Jabberwocky myself, as the students had plenty to do with the two sets and the soldier puppets.

The Jabberwocky was just going to be a cross bred world war 1/2 tank, but it developed into a machine that transforms as it rolls towards; sprouting four legs to walk on.

Initially it would have looked too narrow if I had stuck to the original designs, so I made it wider on Photoshop.

The tank is very light weight. It is mostly made from hard foam and foam board with slim wood supports.

Since the tank is quite complex there is only one size. Originally it was going into two different scale sets. Now it will be filmed against blue screen for all of its shots.

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