Sunday, 4 March 2012

charactr #1 Shamanic Urban Nomad

This is my first design for the 'charactr' forum;

I created 'charactr' mainly as a way to force myself to draw regularly, to a deadline. OK...i missed the first deadline by an hour or two, but it was the first one I ran.

These are the three silhouettes that I submitted for the first stage. Th guy with the antlers won, though I was kind of routing for the TV head bloke with the shopping trolley.

Always had a lot of the Slough Feg; Horned God from Slaine [2000AD] in this idea. The original Slough Feg was inspired by a cave drawing from France of a shaman with antlers on, so that is what I looked at for this',


Next stage; I Photoshopped a quick guide for the final drawing. Yes I know the model is a girl, but the pose works. Hips and shoulders at nice angles [death to symmetry]. Loving the antlers.

A3 pencil rough on trace with a rubbish right arm. Left arm not much better,...

Final design. Pencil, pen and smudges on trace paper, blu-tacked to a book and photographed. No scanner available. Very happy with this one.

The bio to the character refers to drawing graffiti using moss blended with buttermilk to make living graffiti. No idea where I first heard of that but I really must try it one day.

charactr #2; Emaciated Jungle Explorer is now underway. Back to the drawing board...

No rest for the wicked!