Monday, 5 December 2011

Mark Making #7: John Hicklenton; part II

Back on the 'Mark Making' odyssey James Newell; contacted me as he has some original Nemesis artwork by the late, great John Hicklenton. James was kind enough to send me a high quality scan of the piece so I am showing it here in glorious detail.

 The real plus here is that the level of detail is so high that we can see the techniques used, different pen line qualities, varying inks, the use of photocopies and white paint. All these things are normally hidden, married into one smooth two-tone, black and white, high contrast image.

It is only when you see the original artwork that you can get a real sense of the artist at work.

As usual I have cropped a load of close-up images but this time they are in pairs so that you can see the original art, warts and all; then the finished high-contrast print version.