Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bernie Wrightson in close-up

Time to GO LARGE on Bernie Wrightson, one of the most influential and inspiring artists to many comic, graphic novel and illustration types for many years.

This is one genius artist that just makes you think 'How the hell did he do that'. What we have is a mixture of images that have depth, sensitivity and mood; echoing equally the etchings of Gustave Dore, Piranesi, and the modern comic work of Kevin O'Neil and John Hicklenton.


  It really amazing what you can achieve armed with a pen! The subject matter, though often grotesque, is also highly emotive and exposes the humanity of the most inhuman characters.

This mans work will continue to have a profound effect on its audience for a very very long time.

Bernie Wrightson 1948 - 2017

What follows is a close-up look at some classic artwork by Bernie Wrightson.


Rest in Peace Bernie!

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