Wednesday, 1 March 2017

CGI Landscape for Teaching Maya 2016 modelling & Texturing

This is a quick Maya landscape that I am using to teach basic modelling and texturing in Maya 2016.

Plenty of planes for alpha based grass & vines

This environment is designed to be very easy for entry level students to learn polygon modelling in Maya 2016; concentrating on experimenting with the Model Making Toolkit.

Following on from this task the students will texture the landscape, each with their own style of digital drawing, drawn on our Cintiq's. I am hoping for a 2D / illustrative edge to the end result, rather than realistic textures.

Limited landscape using a plane and the sculpting tools.

Low poly tree 

Smoothed tree with large 'flap' for alpha foliage texture.

Planes for alpha based vines / creepers

A simple bench for uv extraction practice

A Sky Box dome

The Finished simple environment.
Next up...texturing....

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