Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Staffs Uni Animation department rig; iKON II

Here's something that is nearly ready for the students at Staffs Uni Animation Award to road-test.

I have updated the character that I made a couple of years ago for the students to play around with and make stings for the Awards. The iKON I rig (left) was inspired by box like paper toy figures / Minecraft, and was intentionally a low poly as I could get!

The new iKON II (right) that is now rigged and ready to go is inpired more my collectible vinyl figures like Qee's and Dunny's. The idea is to have everyone personalise their own copy with unique textures. It will also be 3D printed so we can cast up sets of them to be painted in the real world as well.

Stay tuned; I will post the results!

Follow this link to see the original version in action; 'BoxBot' - Adam scarisbrick & Ciaran Slavin


Inspiration for the shape and texturing possibilities...

Qee collectible figures.
Mod Nation Racers

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