Wednesday, 20 January 2016

CGI January 2016 update; character dynamic pose tests.

Here are some gesture drawing style poses for the two robots. I am now just trying the rigs out to see how they perform and what sort of poses suit each machine.

The Mark II below is clearly readable in more dynamic poses as planned and is pretty flexible with mesh overlapping anywhere.

Mark II bot
Mark II bot
The Mark I is more cumbersome with the tech on its back. This was obviously always meant to be the more basic / primitive robot and is less inclined to hit broad dynamic poses.

 Also; twisting the waist too much will make the geometry on its back overlap some other areas.

Mark I bot
Mark I bot
Looking at the robots now I can see that a lot of their design has to have come from the robot Hector in Saturn 3, an old sci-film from 1980 starring Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas and a young Harvey Keitel. The screenplay was by Martin Amis from a story by John Barry.

This bot made quite an impact on me when I was 14 and I still like the eyes-on-a-mech-arm instead of a head look. The robot was huge so the actor had his arms inside the torso. This allowed for more realistic robot arms on the costume, another nice touch.

Follow the link below for the full film on You Tube. Well worth a look and the robot is still creepy!!
Hector from Saturn 3

Saturn three.jpg

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