Thursday, 2 October 2014

Sketching Update October 2014

Sketching Update September 2014

I thought that it was about time I updated my sketching work on the blog; so here are some of this years scribbles. As you can see I have finally started to use watercolours in my work and great fun that is too!

Victorian House entrance / porch; Denzell Gardens, Altrincham

Ancient Farmhouse, Gozo, Maltese Archipelago

Dilapidated dry stone building, The Burren, Ireland.

Adding line-work and aqua pencil shading after dark..
Typical Burren limestone rock and fauna...
A few weeks ago I got to go sketching in Salford Media City with the wonderful Manchester Urban Sketchers. Over a couple of hours on a very windy day I got a couple of sketchers done, the second one literally being blown out of my hands. Fortunately I caught the sketchbook before it was blown into the dock.

Media City , Salford Quays.

View of Salford Quays landscape; windswept!

Manchester Urban Sketching group sketchbooks.

A week in Dublin gave me the chance to do these nice urban sketches...

Small quick sketch of a Dublin House

Final larger sketch, with Monica in the window.

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