Thursday, 19 September 2013

Zombie Day 5th February 2013; Staffordshire University Animation Department 'intervention days' #1.

Though every students work schedule here is very important, it is often good to step back from set projects and take apart in something totally different from time to time. Focusing on one thing for too long can impair you ability and wear you down.

We have themed intervention days that encourage all three levels of both BA(Hons) Animation and BA(Hons) Stop Motion Animation and Puppet Making to stop whatever they are doing and take part in something that they might not normally do.

So far we have had a Zombie Day and a Clown Day. Both Days start with us all assuming our own characters, then we have a mix of character expression and performance, and finish with life drawing (or undead drawing).

So it begins...

Are you feeling OK?

This lot didn't even use make up!

Don't let him in!

Must have been a lovely wedding!

The one thing a picture can't capture...the smell of rotting flesh...

Down to the business of life drawing!

They're all dead...but not for long!

Give us a smile

Why are you looking at me like that?

"I can cure Zombies!"

Next post, Clown Day.

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