Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Diesel Update: #12

OK. Here is, pretty much, the final look of 'Diesel'; the character from my film. Anyone who has looked at this blog before will notice that this was to be one of the general robots, not the star.

This one was the last to be made, so it is the best as I improved as I went along. From the point of view of the story, Diesel has to look cobbled together, a bit home made and rough around the edges. This robot fits the bill. The original one looks too 'production line' (that one will be one of the general lifting bots seen throughout the film.

Diesel has lots of protective guard rails near his joints. This to too protect people from his moving parts when his is near them.

The other robots do not have many of these as they have to appear more of a threat.

The two devices on his back are mad-professor type generators. They should have Metropolis like electricity effects running up and down them.

The spine has cable joining each part, again this makes his systems look raw and exposed.

These are the hands from the original Diesel. So I swapped them over. He needs them for expressive movements and gestures. This robot also has a second set of smaller arms, with very basic fingers. Should be fun to animate (I hope).

I also swapped heads. This head has guard handles top and bottom that pivot where they join the head. The top one will act as his brow, the bottom as a chin.

The four arms radiating out from the eye are independent, each one holding one quarter of the eye ring.

To allow him to blink there is a small windscreen wiper type device mounted to the right of his eyeball.

Extra heel-toe for stability. It will clunk down on every step.

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