Monday, 8 April 2013


This should be the final head design for Diesel. The eye has a rotating focus ring, and the outer circular guard is split in to four independent pieces. This is so that I can get some facial expressions without him actually having a face in the traditional sense.

The arms sprouting out of his back look like guns, but aren't. You will have to wait to see what they are really for.

They will magically fold out of two lockers on his back, very Chuck Jones.

I grouped the geometry so that I could pose him prior to rigging. This brought up a number of problem areas; so more tweaking. This also applied to the welding robot, now referred to a Stalker.

The Stalker had very noticeable cables for a while.  I felt that they took something away from his deliberatley angular styling and poses, generally upsetting the shape hierarchy, so I ditched them.

I have started adding some much subtler cabling detail to Diesel, they add detail and functionality without effecting his shape hierarchy.


This is the first time that I have applied a material to Diesel. I am torn between detailed worn-robot textures (time consuming) or black-&-white simplicity (below, achievable). I think I know which way that will end up going.

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