Wednesday, 27 April 2011

'Runner' initial Mudbox sculpt + early 'Boxer' sculpt

Here is The Runner so far. 

I am very pleased with the emaciated muscle definition. 
The trouser cuffs need finishing and the creases in his trousers may be over exaggerated. 
I am having lots of fun using Mudbox. The technique of creating and using your own stencils is fast and flexible. 
The hob-nail boot laces were made this way by drawing a grey eyelet with white lace against a transparent background and saving it as a TIFF. 
Import through the Mudbox image browser and you can sculpt right through it with the brush strength set low for control. The whiter the artwork the higher the area is raised. The creases were done the same way.
I have made a start on The Boxer, tapering the body so he is top heavy and refining the muscles. He has the seam of his Victorian boxing tights and the start of a belt. Still got a long way to go though.

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