Monday, 7 May 2012

The next three silhouettes for are done. this time the theme is 'Tattooed Spider Woman':

This is what I wrote to go with the brief;
  • Again, look at the words, research possible meanings and directions that this could go. The first thing you think of will not be your best idea, play with it for a while.
  • Your design could be a scheming femme fatale of the noir film genre; lots of shadows and smouldering looks, or a genetics-gone-pear-shaped, crossbred nightmare, or an intelligent, elegantly evolved entity.
  • And don’t forget the tattoos; spider themed or otherwise. What do the tattoos say about the character?
  • Take a look at the images below. They should only mark the beginning of your research.
  • Do NOT use the comic character Spider Woman, which is copyrighted, obviously.

These are my silhouettes;

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